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Curious Enough?

Chapter Two


The secret is to watch with curiosity…

And how! As we landed, as fellows, on our respective turfs; and began to build nests that would house all that would be new inside and outside, it was time for us to use the first tool for navigation, and one of our favourite core habits - inquiry. While the chaos was overwhelming and questions too soon too many, it seemed like we began with breathing in, almost absorbing through a whirlwind of experience, allowing it to settle salts and build foundations. 

What did the end of their first month as teachers in a zone of armed conflict look like?

Each of these words and images speak rather of our  process of asking “why am I here?”, in the face of all that was seeming difficult, triggering, or even unreal. Needless to say, the curiosities from the context were equally high, involving ice-breaking conversations about “why are we here of all places!” 

One of the goals for ourselves in our curriculum is to be able to observe what’s happening in and around us and begin documenting. What our triggered curiosities did is that it kept us on our toes about both. Every conversation with students, fellow teachers, school systems and our internal triggers is leading us to step back, notice the occurrence, note what must not be missed and smile at the joy of having unfolded a little further and walked a little closer to being aware. 

If we were to sum it up in the language of our work here, this month was about exploring what it means to take control of learning by creating routines and shared practices, while acknowledging that our children are still learning to trust us. 

But as curiosity helped, 

So shall a deeper understanding of how our differences are creating newer circles of influence. 

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