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For our Teach to ELICIT programme, we are currently looking for donors (both individual and organisations) to support costs of the project and the administration running it. 


ELICIT is an officially registered and compliant non-profit organisation with valid 12A and 80G certificates. If you wish to support our work, you can:

Sponsor a child - 8,878/-  per year (700 students in year 1) 

Sponsor a fellow's fellowship cost: 2,79,000/- per year

Sponsor a fellow's administrative cost: 2,89,300/- per year

Write to us on with your preference of support and we shall arrange a conversation to take it further. If you wish to donate through the ongoing campaign, you can follow the link below. 


We are a growing team and would love new involvements. If you align with our vision and approach, write to us to volunteer, intern, or join our team full time! 

Write to us with your interest and background information on and we will get back to you. 

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