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Teach to ELICIT is, foundationally, a collaborative project, which emphasises on local stakeholder mobility and capacity building. Right from the structure of the fellowship to its vision, Teach to ELICIT is dedicated to creating systems of education and care by equipping a community of change-makers, be it teachers, students, parents, school leaders or volunteers. And this approach finds its roots in ELICIT’s experience of working in Pulwama, which has been the heart of Conflict in Kashmir for the past 2 decades. Long years of turmoil, uncertainty and despair impacts not just individuals but all systems functioning on ground. And the biggest blows are taken by systems of education and care.

It is at the interaction of these two that Teach to ELICIT finds its grounding. Until systems of education (constituted by school leaders, teachers, students, parents, volunteers and community bystanders) are engaged in dialogues of care and equipped with skills of constructive resilience, the region will find it difficult to respond efficiently to the ongoing volatility.

Hence, Teach to ELICIT’s framework involves building of students, building of fellows, building of schools and in turn building of community. The role of the community is to partake in making and upholding a container for safety, resilience and growth mindset. The project intends to reach close to 700 students, 200 teachers, 8 school leaders and 4 school systems in the pilot year.

Applications for the first cohort of edu-thinkers are now open! Download the application announcement and apply online now!


Application deadline: Applications accepted all year round. 

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