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I am a child of war. I am a student of conflict. I grow up in crisis. I am aware.  

Teach to ELICIT Fellowship

Teach to ELICIT is, foundationally, a collaborative project, which emphasises on local stakeholder mobility and capacity building. Right from the structure of the fellowship to its vision, Teach to ELICIT is dedicated to creating systems of education and care by equipping a community of change-makers, be it teachers, students, parents, school leaders or volunteers.

Teach to ELICIT in its first two years is aiming at working with 4 schools in 3 different districts of South Kashmir. The framework involves building of students, building of fellows, building of schools and in turn building of community.

To support our projects or the administration that runs it, follow this page.  

We love collaborations and thrive on the potential of shared spaces! If you find our thoughts aligned feel free to write to us with your interest in getting involved. 

To build a team of leaders, constituted by teachers, students and parents, trained to create spaces for children to build the skill and the will for transformation towards a happier community.

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