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Our vision

We thrive on the understanding that education must be responsive to contextual realities, resilient to its impact on communities, reflective of children's true potential, and constructive in its approach towards a just and equitable world. We wish to build a community of teaching practitioners, who recognise that children in conflict have unique experiences that they learn from and in this learning lies the power of personal and social transformation. We envision co-building (with regional leaders) skilful and systematic responses to the impacts of conflict on children, teachers and school systems towards inclusion, exposure and alternatives. 


I am a child of war. 

I am a student of Conflict. 

I grow up in crisis. 

I am aware. 


I feel mature emotions

I see despair. 

I feel pain and taste scarcity 

- of access, of trust, of freewill - 

I live in uncertainty. 

I know - a lot; A lot too fast. 


What I am not is any less than any other child. 

I am not lost. I don’t need finding.

I am not inadequate. I do not need filling. 

I am not inferior. I do not need sympathising.


I am under-exposed. I need alternatives.

I am troubled. I need conscious handholding. 

I am misunderstood. I need listening. 

I am seeking. I need reassuring. 


And I am resilient. I need skilling. 

I am experienced. I need leadership. 

I am confident. I need believing. 

I am confused. I need simplicity. 


Don’t restrict me more by your judgement. I want release.

Don’t promise me your thoughts. I want opportunity.


I am a part of what makes you. 

You are a part of what makes me.


I deserve and I hope. 

And I wish the same for you. 


- Child. 

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