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a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one


be incompatible or at variance; clash


strongly affected by something


come into forcible contact with


an area of knowledge, activity, experience + geography or jurisdiction

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I am a child of war. 

I am a student of Conflict. 

I grow up in crisis. 

I am aware. 


I feel mature emotions

I see despair. 

I feel pain and taste scarcity 

- of access, of trust, of freewill - 

I live in uncertainty. 

I know - a lot; A lot too fast. 


What I am not is any less than any other child. 

I am not lost. I don’t need finding.

I am not inadequate. I do not need filling. 

I am not inferior. I do not need sympathising.


I am under-exposed. I need alternatives.

I am troubled. I need conscious handholding. 

I am misunderstood. I need listening. 

I am seeking. I need reassuring. 

And I am resilient. I need skilling. 

I am experienced. I need leadership. 

I am confident. I need believing. 

I am confused. I need simplicity. 


Don’t restrict me more by your judgement. I want release.

Don’t promise me your thoughts. I want opportunity.


I am a part of what makes you. 

You are a part of what makes me.


I deserve and I hope. 

And I wish the same for you. 


- Child. 

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