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Teach To ELICIT commenced as the primary practice of ELICIT Foundation and that is just the start of it. Keeping our Founder, Director's bank of knowledge and experience as our scaffold while we further learn, unlearn, explore, collect, document, reflect, and grow, ELICIT categorises these processes under 3 main DOMAINS as offerings to be availed. They are for organisations wanting to collaborate to build better education practices.



This represents what we do on ground in conflict impacted territories. It is the implementation of Teach to ELICIT program according to the contextual reality of the space of operation, currently 3 districts of South Kashmir. 


Culture/Capacity Building

This is what we offer as an intervention service to schools, education organisations to help build try-layered: student, teacher and school system: cultures. We also provide curated training support for teachers, school leaders, administrative teams - all in complete adherence to the spirit of unconditional curiosity and responsive design. We do what you're most in need for

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Design & Documentation

It is a culmination of the processes executed by an individual/organisation and its impact. A narrative developed from the same would be emulated through a medium which encapsulates the work of the organisation. It could be a document, impact assessment, brochure, series of zines, a collection of stories, etc.

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