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ELICIT is a section 8 company dedicated to designing education in response to the impacts of armed Conflict on psycho-social and academic systems, in spaces enduring territorial/cultural/political disputes. ELICIT currently functions in 3 districts of Jammu and Kashmir through Teach to ELICIT, the teaching fellowships programme in schools, which focuses on well-being in classroom teaching, preparing fellows to teach with empathy and build constructive resilience among children at risk. 


Our mission is to co-build (with regional leaders) skilful and systematic responses to the impacts of conflict on children, teachers and school systems, in regions impacted by intractable conflict, towards inclusion, exposure and alternatives. Through our curricula and pedagogy based on principles of well-being and constructive resilience, we wish to equip a community of teaching practitioners and school systems, who recognise that children in conflict have unique experiences that they learn from and in this knowledge lies the key to personal and social transformation. With this in view, we strive to build education which responds to contextual volatility with safety, is resilient to traumatic experiences of shutdowns and violence, reflects children's true potential, and scaffolds for a secure present and future.

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