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Curious Distance, Newer Roads

On moving forward

As our curiosity built bridges for us in the community, we had to look beyond our expectations of what our first few days in the classroom would look like. 

Systems took time to reboot after the winter. Our first roadblock arrived as a delay in the availability of enough and appropriate textbooks in the market, which meant that we had to use our initial classes with the children in creative, unconventional ways. We love that!

And hence the pivot began with layered introductions, relationship-building exercises and co-drafting routines, which we hoped would become cultures as we grow into them, together. A defining moment in this journey of familiarisation was leaning on the fellows, who have had a year of experience in building themselves and the community. Our inspiration to keep going and wisdom for when to pause came from them. Learning often leads to light and in this light we allow ourselves to be seen by the few people, who know exactly what we may be going through and who may chime in with their lived experience too. Needless to say, this instance is a minor evidence of what constructive resilience or responsive education means on the ground and in everyday detail. 

As fellows on a focused movement, at Teach to ELICIT, what we are learning to practise this month is to kindle evaluative distance from the noticeable implications of volatility on us and around us. This distance allows us to engage critically and optimally with our work, leaving some room for rest and rebuilding during our non-working hours. This distance allows us to respond with clarity and presence. This distance seems to be the key to what we may simply call ‘pausing’ before and after we make-discover-tread new roads, mark new milestones and lay newer foundations. 

Learning to pause and watch as the roots of trust sprout, while we ensure we are doing enough is going to be a constant duality to navigate through.

We see that the only way to find new roads is to keep going.

Distance is a tool for design.

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